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3 Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know!

As the new year unfolds, stepping into a new home brings a surge of excitement and countless ideas for renovation. It’s crucial to avoid common renovation pitfalls. Let’s explore three essential tips to ensure your home renovation is a success.

Renovate Your Kitchen First

Homeowners often grapple with where to begin their renovation.

Our tip:

  • Begin with the kitchen.
  • Utilise plastic barriers over doorways to keep the rest of your home clean.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen in a nearby space.


Remember: A well-planned kitchen remodel significantly enhances your home’s value

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Be Realistic About Your Timeline

Renovations usually take longer than planned.

Our tip:

  • Be prepared for delays. For example, replacing fixtures might seem quick, but sourcing and delivering new items can extend the timeline.
  • Plan ahead and select updates before dismantling anything to prevent avoidable hold-ups.


Remember: Anticipating delays and planning accordingly ensures a smoother renovation process, keeping stress at bay.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Don’t make the common mistake of not knowing your space’s measurements.

Our tip:

  •  Follow the rule: “If it fits through your door, it fits in your home.”
  • Avoid the error of incorrect measurements. Keep a detailed list of your space’s dimensions to ensure furniture not only fits through the door but also suits your home perfectly.

Remember: Accurate measurements are crucial to ensuring your new furniture fits perfectly, avoiding additional costly mistakes.

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Proper Planning Transforms Your Kitchen Sink into an Efficient Masterpiece

At HOMEDEC, we’re committed to making your renovation journey seamless. Join us on the designated dates to benefit from expert advice and turn your renovation dreams into reality.

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