5 Kitchen layouts tips

5 Kitchen layouts tips to consider for your next renovation

Did you know that your kitchen layout can make or break your cooking experience?
Before you take on your next renovation project, make sure you understand the different types of kitchen layouts that could transform your home!

The U-shaped Kitchen

Make a statement out of your large kitchen space with a U-shaped kitchen.

To achieve an ergonomically sound design, consider adding a specialist kitchen corner solution to utilise the otherwise dead space within corner cabinets.

Add mosaic tiles as a kitchen backsplash to liven up the space.

The U-shaped Kitchen​

The Double 'L' Kitchen

Maximise storage space by adding wall-hung cabinets in your small L-shaped kitchen.

For larger kitchens, a multi-purpose kitchen is possible by adding a dining table or an island.

You can never have too much storage, so take advantage of upper and lower cabinets.

The Double 'L' Kitchen​

The G-shaped Kitchen

Utilise the G section of your kitchen for additional workspace, storage space, and to lodge appliances.

To maximise the workspace and turn it into a multi-functional area, place wall-hung cabinets on the walls to free up space on the other sides.

Consider using large-sized floor tiles for an elegant look.

The G-shaped Kitchen​

The Corridor/Galley Kitchen

Ideal for smaller kitchens, opt for open wall shelves on one side for extra storage without closing up the space with wall cabinets.

Consider having a window at the end of the galley as it can make a room appear more spacious. 

Avoid floating cabinets as they make cleaning the floor difficult and could reduce the space in your galley kitchen.

The Corridor/Galley Kitchen

The Single Wall/Pullman Kitchen

Ideal for narrow rooms, the single-wall kitchen layout takes up less space compared to other layouts.

Consider adding task and decorative lighting to expand the small space visually.

The Single Wall/Pullman Kitchen​

Choose the perfect layout for your kitchen and make the most out of your space!

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