The Space Between You & Me

You don’t need a big space for 2 person romantic dinner.  Just set up a small table on your balcony with some warm string lights hanging around the corner to create a romantic dinner with your only love.

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Do you think that bathtub is a nice place to decorate for Valentine Day?  Use flowers to décor at the bathtub corner to surprise her and place some aroma candles on the floor where it brings out the sentiment.

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Let’s have a relax and cozy Valentine Day! Suspend a huge mesh canopy with warm colours string light on the bed, not to forget change your bed sheet to him or her favourite colour, now lay on the bed to have a sweet talk with your other half.

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Smell is one of the most sensitive feelings of human beings, and good smelling will create nice memories.  Place some aroma or perfume in the home to make your other half fall in love with the romantic smell and atmosphere.

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