The 5 Kitchen Zone Planning – What You Need to Know!

Most realised that there is not enough storage space, so before you embark on your kitchen renovation, identify the items to store and the core zones of the kitchen. Zone planning is used to define the kitchen cabinets required for the storage items in these five essential work areas:

The Storage Zone

This is the space where you store the edible and the non-edible items; usually used on daily basis such as dry ingredient, canned food, dishes, and cutleries. These everyday items should be stored in drawers or cabinets that are easy to access. Adjustable drawers dividing system provide organisation and a better overview of the contents. This is where refrigerator comes into this zone.

The Preparation Zone

Activities involved in this zone include cutting, peeling, mixing, and stirring. This zone should ideally be placed between the sink and the refrigerator and the cooking zone. Pantry items that are stored here such as cooking utensils, cutting boards, food processors and mixing bowls.

The Cooking Zone

One of the main zones in the kitchen as cooking takes place here! This zone consists of the cooking stove, range hood, oven and microwave oven. Cooking utensils used regularly should be kept near this zone for easy access.

The Appliance Zone

This zone stores electrical appliances such as juicer, toaster, rice cooker and slow cooker. The appliances can be kept in the cabinets or they can be also placed on the countertops depending on the usage’s frequency.

The Cleaning Zone

The cleaning zone is the primary location of the water in the kitchen. The sink and dishwasher are placed here. Commonly stored items in this zone are such as cleaning utensils, rubbish bin, towels and garbage bags. Everything required for dishwashing should be kept in pullouts under the sink – always within easy reach.