It’s true, and it would be silly to deny this fact: quality makes class, and when it comes to renovations for a home, seamless carpentry is it. And what’s more, it makes it easier for you to maintain a neat and modern space.

A seamless kitchen worktop

If your kitchen is narrow and long, rather than broad and wide, a good solution would be to extend your kitchen countertop to have it flow directly to your dining table. That creates an ‘elongated’ and neat look.

Accessible hidden storage

Need a functional kitchen but don’t want to deal with the various moving parts after? Build your entire kitchen section behind a closet that you can seamlessly close when not in use! This is the perfect style for smaller, one-bedroom homes.

Photo: Better homes and gardens

Paint a mural on your wall

While headboards can be bulky and not at all pleasing to the eye, building one in to your wall can provide an interesting design while keeping things simplistic.


Finding the right furnishings

Many furniture designs come with seamlessly hidden storage spots, such as the Cartesia desk by Eisuke Tachikawa. Incorporate these into your home to clean up the clutter and up the modern minimalism.



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