An empty wall is best viewed as a blank canvas. Here’s how to spruce it up quickly!

Make a triptych

Got a favourite print, or several? As long as one flows into the next, you can frame three of them in similar frames, and hang them together as an art trio on your wall! Pick those of similar colours or patterns to give all threesome manner of cohesion, and you’ll have a beautiful wall feature! Alternately, use one print and distribute throughout the space.


Male a scale wall

Using either coloured coasters or cutting out your own using a mould, you can create a feature scale wall! Paste them on a large frame and hang it up to form the centrepiece of the room!

Photo: Twothirtyfivedesigns.com

Play with string art

Here’s a quick and fun way to make art: get a corkboard, some colourful thumbtacks, and a few types of colourful yarn. Using the thumbtacks and the yarn, make some zigzag patterns on the corkboard, which you can then hang up after!

Photo: Harppost.com

Make a shoebox display

If you have some old shoeboxes or wooden boxes, don’t let them go to waste! Paint them and hang them up, and you’ll be able to repurpose them as colourful displays for your plants, figurines, or other home décor accessories.


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