Soften Your Space With Curve

Consider all rounded shapes, such as circles, ovals, arcs, bows, ellipses, half moons and even helixes and amoeba profiles. These softer shapes will add a sense of flexibility, grace, joyfulness, and luxury to your home. And they add a natural, organic feel since many elements in nature have rounded edges.

Curved kitchens’ soft lines work well in family homes, where they reduce the risk that hard edges pose to children. Curves are also ideal for small, awkward kitchens, where protruding corners can place restrictions on movement, and will open up the room and create the illusion of space.

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Hard edges can make a space feel cold an uninviting. Adding pieces like a coffee table with curved edges to an interior dominated by hard lines can soften up a room.

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Beautiful arched openings add beauty to house exterior doorways, interior doors and windows, creating modern homes with a character and style. Arched elements add timelessly stylish and universally appealing elements to architectural designs and bring classy feel into modern interiors.

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