Raya Decorating In Style

Bring on the Raya decorations! From prints to floral arrangements, here are some of our favourite ways to decorate in style.

Photo: @picket.fence.arts

Metallic accents

Shiny accents help to add a hint of luxury in any space, and can easily be incorporated in any number of décor accessories. Think of vases or candleholders for the dining table; and for a bigger change, try installing a metallic lighting fixture.

Arabic prints in soft furnishing

Whether it’s in your curtains or throw pillows or wraps, Arabic-style prints will go a long way in adding beauty and interest.

Photo: Loomandkiln.com

Big floral arrangements

Look out for beautiful, tall vases and place them around your home! The flowers don’t necessarily need to be packed; having just a few tall, perfect stalks in your vases can brighten the mood in a sophisticated way. If it’s your style, however, go all out with the requisite fillers!

Photo: Mondofloraldesigns.co.au

Traditional Arabic plates

There’s something immensely beautiful about decorative plates, and Arabic versions are filled with colour and contrast! Use them as centrepieces on the dining or coffee table, or hang them up on your walls to really show off their patterns.

Veer from traditional Raya colours

When traditional green isn’t up your alley, switch it up with different shades. Viridian, cool cyan, olive, and even blues and silvers all make up great and festive Raya colours.


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