Plant Stands The Creative Way

Don’t just leave your indoor plants strewn all over the floor – if you have a few smaller potted green-babies, give them creative forever homes and absolutely transform your space!

Use a ladder or a stepstool

If you have an old wood ladder or stepstool, use them to your advantage! Plants can be hung from the rungs of the ladder with macramé hangers, or simply left on the steps if the pots are small enough. The same can be said for the stepladder. Be sure to hang and set your plants at varying heights for some stark contrast!

Find an old desk

Antiques are always great if you’re into the rustic chic aesthetic, but if you’re after a more modern look, try digging around for a desk with a glass top. You’ll be able to fit plenty of foliage underneath, while keeping them safe from roving hands that seek to touch!


Fill an unused drawer

Drawers without the desk are also a good place for planting! Don’t throw out the drawer; if it needs a coat of paint, give it one, then fill it with soil and your favourite assortment of succulents and cacti.


Make a green pallet wall

When life gives you wooden pallets, turn it into a rustic fixture and hang plants from it! Pro tip: Look out for metal magazine racks or cutlery holders and use them to plant herbs for your culinary endeavours. You can even paint the pallet to fit your interior aesthetic!


Make use of a coat rack

Instead of knocking hooks into your wall, why not employ the help of a coat rack instead? Hang draping plants from the hooks; because coat racks tend towards being tall, you’ll be able to showcase longer plants that grow downwards to grand effect.



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