Painting Hacks For A Successful DIY Project

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the home, especially in this new year! Don’t fret if you’re thinking of doing it yourself – here are some tips and hacks to make sure you get an amazing job done!

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Clean the walls

Wipe down your walls really quickly with a wall duster! Wet the microfibre cloth that attached to your wall duster and swipe over to remove dust and debris before you paint. It’ll dry in a while and you’ll be spared from having a grainy wall afterwards.


Line A Paint Tray with Plastic Bag

Getting your paint trays clear of residual paint can be an arduous job. So instead of scrubbing away your day, wrap your tray with a plastic bag and pour your paint onto that. This tip keeps your trays looking new and save time and money. Just wait for the excess paint to completely dry before disposing the bag.

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Tape is your best friend

Ever wonder how people keep the paint off their ceilings? Tape is the answer! Cover the edges of the ceiling with wall-safe masking tape before painting, and you’ll be able to peel them off after to reveal clean and neat lines.

Photo: The Wall Whisperer

First prep your roller

Rollers are the way to go for smooth and quick painting, but did you know you have to prep them first? Use warm water to give it a quick bath, as it will help it to absorb the paint better afterwards. You’ll also get a smoother paint finish!

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