Growing up in the homes of our mothers and fathers, who were born and raised at different times, it can be tempting to decorate the way they did. But it’s time to refresh the vibe, so make better #HOMEDECisions, and let’s get to throwing out some outdated rules that no longer apply today!


Remember the days of matching sofa sets and armchairs? Out with that rule, and in with the mix and match! It’s okay to pair pieces from two different collections, as long as the final look is cohesive in terms of style, colour, and design

Floral everything

Don’t get us wrong, a little bit of floral can be really stylish, but it’s time to throw out the outdated floral cushion covers in garish shades.

Photo: Onekindesign.com

Glassy displays

Walk into any nineties home and you’ll be confronted by that souvenirs cabinet in the corner with all the homeowners’ most prized collections, from figurines to medals to participation trophies. Do away with that, and instead curate a selection of your own favourite things for display on open shelves!

New is better

With the exception of a few things like mattresses, new is definitely not better. Instead of buying new all the time, why not opt to refurbish an antique piece? Not only will it give you a fun DIY project to do, but you’ll also be upcycling and reducing your carbon footprint, and the resultant piece will be unique and interesting.

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