While it’s not exactly a fresh idea to include greenery at home, moss walls more than serving the purpose with style and sophistication – enough to be, pun intended, an evergreen design concept.

Photo: Siol

Bathroom mossery

Those with bathtubs at home will appreciate the calm and relaxing ambience provided by the addition of moss walls. They’ll also absorb the water from your bathing rituals, keeping your bathroom dry and clean!

Photo: Siol

Landscape vertically

With a large plot of ‘wall’ that signals the area between two floors, it makes sense that homeowners incorporate an art moss piece there. This will give the illusion of vertical landscaping, and add interest to any modern home. And because moss can be arranged in any number of ways, the art piece can be customised to look like a modern Picasso.

Green up a room divider

When it comes to room dividers, a great number of options are available and can be used. Most notably, having a green moss room divider provides the perfect backdrop for a ‘forest cabin’ vibe, lending an air of understated natural elegance to any home.

Photo: Stephen Fletcher architecture

Contained beauty

Just as container gardening helps to contain your plants outdoors, it is also helpful for indoors! Simply pack a container of your choice with moss, and use this to build an indoor moss across walls and various other surfaces. Photo:

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