Modern Malay Home Design

Slip your home into something slinky and stylish this Raya and watch as everything becomes instantly more Instagrammable!

Photo: Architectural Digest

Jungle fever and gold

Green is the colour of Raya, and is highly popular locally. But instead of going the traditional route, why not incorporate it in one of today’s most popular looks, with Jungle Fever prints? Add plenty of gold for that luxurious effect.


Go texture heavy

Velvet can be a very difficult material to work with. Use too much and you’ll have a full-on gaudy situation on your hands. That’s why it’s important to mix and match. Try incorporating a full velvet couch with cushions featuring different patterns for a good contrast and mix.

Moroccan inspired

Think patterns, vibrant colours, geometrics, décor accessories made with natural materials, textures, and ornate designs. Don’t forget to incorporate woven accessories, rugs, vases, and decorative plates.

Juxtapose modern and traditional

The modern home often toes the line between traditional furnishings and new purchases; instead of apologetically hiding away the old pieces, bring them out and let them shine! The contrast of antique versus contemporary can be absolutely beautiful with the right touch.



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