Interior Trends You Should Know in 2019

The use of wood has grown in popularity year after year, and we expect the wood trend will continue to shine in 2019. Whether you introduce wood flooring to your kitchen or decide to add more wooden elements to a bathroom or dining space, we’re all for bringing the outdoors in.

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Move over minimalism, maximalism interior trend is taking over! Maximalism is basically a total opposite of minimalism. It’s a “no-rules” style of decorating, enabling you to put as much personality into your home’s décor as you want to. If you’re keen to incorporate the Maximalism trend into the home, the first thing you’ll want to start with the floor and the walls. It makes a huge difference to the overall look of the home.

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The bohemian chic style is back! The bohemian chic style is characterized by its intriguing color palette. Rich and festive, it invites creativity. It is also a style of decoration that gives a more friendly look to our homes.

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If you haven’t noticed, terrazzo has been the biggest buzzword in the design space lately. terrazzo can feature anywhere in the home from flooring, tables and lampshades to printed wallpaper.

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