How To: Fengshui Your House

Another year brings with it another set of lucky numbers, colours, and directions! Usher in the good chi, good fortune, and good luck with some basic and simple fengshui tips!

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Fengshui with auspicious colours

According to the experts, the auspicious colours of the year are red, gold, pink, azure, and white. Fill your home with these colours! To go the extra mile, look up your year of birth and your Chinese zodiac sign to check out what colours are especially lucky for you!

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Fengshui with fashion

If you have scarves with prints in red, gold, pink, azure, and white, these are the lucky colours of the year. It’s time to bring them out from your closet to make use of them in a different way. You can use them to make a pillow cover, frame them and turn into a wall art or accessories your lamps with them.

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Fengshui with light

The key to good energy at home is plenty of light, be it natural or man-made. To this end, make sure all dark corridors are fitted with plenty of good lighting, and that all your windows are given proper treatment to ensure natural light can filter in.

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Fengshui with Marie Kondo

A very large and integral part about fengshui includes the life-changing art of tidying up, and that’s where Japanese decluttering goddess Konmarie comes in. Take a look at your junk pile. Does it bring you joy? If it doesn’t, it’s out to the garbage with it, and in with the good chi! For more on Marie Kondo’s ways, catch her latest Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo!

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Pantone: Living Coral

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019 is a spirited and vibrant hue that speaks of hope, comfort, and playful expression! Pink is in with Living Coral, which is the perfect backdrop for creating a home filled with vibrant activity and joy.



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