How To Be The Perfect Raya Houseguest

The perfect Raya holidays are often made by the company of family and friends. Have an absolute blast and make fond memories; here are some ways to get in the spirit of the occasion!

Bring a door gift

The best door gifts are often artisanal and handmade. Depending on who you’re visiting, it may be worth looking into your hosts’ likes and dislikes! Bring your grandparents some handmade kuih, or buy an electrical appliance for your parents if they’ve been eyeing it!

Offer to help out with the food

There’s no better place to bring a family together than in the kitchen! Because most gatherings begin and end with good food, it’s important to offer your help to the guests, whether it’s with prepwork, cooking, serving, or cleaning up in the end!

Put up lanterns together

There’s something remarkably beautiful about countryside garden pathways lit up in Raya lanterns. If you’re staying the night, help set these up for ambience, and enjoy it afterwards by having tea and cakes out in the open with family!


Put up a selfie wall

Show off your Raya swag and threads! Put up a feature selfie wall with greeting cards and various other Raya decorations and use it to take selfies with visitors and members of your family. Print out your favourite pictures and add them to the wall afterwards!



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