How Renovations And Decor Can Up Your Rental Value

In an age where many people are investing in homes and property, the race is on to give tenants value for money! Here’s how you can give your property a boost while simultaneously upping its rental value.


Keep it stylish in the kitchen

The smallest additions in the kitchen can bring about the biggest changes! Add colour and sheen to the space by changing up the kitchen backsplash; from herringbone-laid tiles to subway tiles to glass-covered wallpaper, there’s always an option to add an air of luxury to the space.

Add more storage

Storage space is always a plus in any great home, so fill yours out with plenty of options. Look to oft-neglected spaces like the tops of your doors, the space under the stairs, corners in the kitchen, and the space at the end of corridors for potential places to fit in some extra storage.

Redefine your living spaces

Open concept living spaces are all the buzz these days, but it’s still a good idea to demarcate areas to their use. To promote easier conversation and flow within the home, use furniture to break up the spaces, such as an island for the kitchen and dining area, or a couch to separate the dining area and the living it.

Add luxe to the space

If the doorknobs and handles that came with your home just aren’t cutting it, switch them out! There are plenty of options in the market that would work with the interior theme you’ve chosen. You can even try for a little DIY with cabinet and drawer door handles!



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