Everyday is a SALE DAY at HOMEDEC!

Raised heart beats, shocked expressions, eyes wide open, goose bumps. These are a few of the things you may encounter at the latest HOMEDEC exhibition.

If you’re in preparation to renovate or refurbish, upgrade or upkeep or simply a home lover, be prepared for an excitement like none other. Everything is on SALE, from the latest designs, to the most beautiful objects of your desire to tempting ideas, and all-around best deals. To entice you further, some of the most premium brands, as well as industry experts on home design and interior will be here.

This event will take place at Persada, Johor from 27 to 29 Jul 2018 (Friday – Sunday). Expect HOMEDEC-only deals available nowhere else, enormous savings on the finest brands and a series of the exciting events with fantastic rewards.

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We worked hard every day just so we can enjoy life in the end of the day. More often than not, we may not be able to do so the way we want due to many factors. This time around, HOMEDEC wants you explore with us on how to REALLY enjoy life simply by staying at home. Mark your dates and join us in the HOMEDEC SALEBRATION™ this year! Don’t forget to check out the HOMEDEC Exclusive Deals and thousands of home designs, trends and technology and innovation products and gadgets available to help you do more at home. There’s no other SALEBRATION™ like HOMEDEC!


HOMEDEC is geared up to bring the SALEBRATION™ fever to Johor Bahru with the best deals from Lighting & Decorative Items, Bath & Sanitarywares, Floor & Wall Finishes, Furniture & Furnishing, Window & Door, Home Appliances, Home Security System, Smarthome & Switches, Interior Design Consultation, Kids Living, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Cabinet, Kitchenware & Household Products, Mattress, Wardrobe & Bedding Product, Roofing & Insulation, Soft Furnishing, Stone & Tiles, Water Filtration & Solar Water Heater and many more!


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Website : www.puteripacific.com

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Fax : +6 07 332 9588
Website : www.newyorkhotel.com.my

Telephone : +6 07 224 7888
Fax : +6 07 224 1544
Website : www.tropicalinn.com.my

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Fax : +6 07 332 1999
Website : www.selesahotelsresorts.com

Telephone : +607 221 3000
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Website : www.jaresidencehotel.com.my

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Website : www.crystalcrown.com.my