While many appliances these days come with style and substance, most of the time, they just aren’t very eye-catching, or aesthetically pleasing. However, with a bit of clever engineering, they too can be carefully tucked away and hidden from sight.

Photo: Decoist.com

Hide your washers and dryers

Whether placed side by side or stacked up vertically, washers and dryers can easily be hidden away behind a built-in cabinet. Not only will this keep your appliances clean, but it’ll also do you the favour of hiding them away for a sleeker yard, or kitchen if you have no special space to house them.

Photo: Decoist.com

Fridge in plain sight

It helps if you’re renovating with your appliances purchased in advance, to build your cabinets and drawers around them. This allows them to look cohesive in your kitchen aesthetic, especially if you pick appliances in colours that match.

Photo: Grundig

Engage extendable tabletops

If you don’t have room for extra worktops, it pays off to look into extendable and folding options that can be retracted against the wall or folded and tucked away into corners.

Photo: Furniture Village

Trust in technology

Gone are the days of oversized exhaust fans hanging over the kitchen stove! The range hoods of today are sleek and sophisticated, and can even be built into your countertops to extend and withdraw as needed. Photo: Faber Scirocco downdraft vent


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