Get The Dream K-Drama Home!

We all love chasing our favourite dramas! Whether it’s for a storyline or an actor we really like, there’s one thing that we can’t deny: the homes are gorgeous. Here’s how to get that Korean style at home!

Photo: Shopping King Louie

Celebrate natural light

Sunshine is a wonderful thing, and when you incorporate plenty of that into your own home, you’ll be able to live in a sunny space that will also give you instantly-Instagrammable home pictures, just like in your favourite K-Dramas!

Photo: Heirs

Keep It White and Wood

Take inspiration from Personal Taste and fill your home with plenty of white and wood! The Korean k-pop lifestyle may be one of glitz and bright lights, but the aesthetic is one that is very focused on cleanliness and simplicity. Take cues from Korean face care, which emphasises a good base beyond anything else, and let the simplicity and quality shine through!

Photo: Personal Taste

Criminally smooth

A cursory glance at Oska’s House from Secret Garden will tell you that curves are in! Curving patterns and furnishings will give your space a softer and more welcoming vibe, which is great if you like hosting lush parties with family and friends.

Photo: Secret Garden

Keep it modern and classy!

Chandeliers aren’t things of the past! The right chandelier can really give your space the right amount of luxe and sparkle, both things very popular in K-drama homes. Give your home the Heirs treatment, and pick yourself a great chandelier!

Photo: Chicago Typewriter

Trees at home

Take a leaf out of My Love from the Stars and plant a tree – indoors! This can be done by building in a skylight so as to provide your tree with plenty of sunlight for growth, and to keep it lush and beautiful.

Photo: My Love from the Stars


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