Feng Shui 101: Learn The Basic Truth About Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a term that most people have heard of and have some idea about its uses. The many life-impacting uses of Feng Shui can be divided into 3 aspects: career, health, and relationship.

However, due to misinformation, many have misunderstood the core purpose of this art. Let’s clear the air on some of the many infamous myths surrounding Feng Shui and solidify the fundamentals right now.

What is Feng Shui?

The direct translation of Feng Shui is “Wind Water”, with Feng meaning wind, and Shui meaning water. At its core, Feng Shui is all about the flow.

This flow of energy or life force is known as Qi.

Qi is believed to be carried by wind and water. This is the energy flow responsible for harmonising us with our living environment through its circulation. When there’s a healthy flow of energy, personal and professional life improvements can be achieved.

3 key factors

In Feng Shui, the 3 key factors – Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck is believed to govern one’s destiny in life.

Heaven Luck

This refers to what cards we are dealt with in life — what we were born with, and what we cannot change. Some may call this God’s will or fate, regardless of what term you deem fit for it, this is where so much of the chaotic and random set of circumstances and chances that we are given, affecting our life achievements and the ultimate paths of life comes from.

Man Luck

Man Luck refers to the conscious choices we make or in simple terms, our own freewill – how your time is spent, who you choose to spend this time with and risks you decide to take on. The totality of the amount for all the choices you make equals the quality of your life.

Earth Luck

Earth Luck is the environment/surroundings, the external forces which influences and shapes you and your connection with it. Whether non-living or living, the environment plays a role in forming a person’s personality, behaviour, and habits.

With the right application, great environment plus an amazing attitude towards life, the abundance of positive Qi will definitely be seen. Add to that, with good Man and Earth Luck complementing each other you’ll have favourable effects.

How Real Feng Shui Works

In order to positively tap into the Qi flow of the environment and improve your Earth Luck, there are a few measurements that a Feng Shui expert takes.

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Firstly, determine the directions of any auspicious sector in the desired location by using an extremely accurate Chinese compass known as the Luo Pan.

Life Force Energy (Qi Level)

The Life Force Energy number is determined through a person’s birth date, birth hour, Chinese Astrological Sign and personal Gua number that is calculated through the person’s Numerical Significance.


When looking at the layout of the property, both interior and exterior, make sure to take into consideration the favourable and unfavourable effects that will affect positive Qi.

Collectively looking at all these factors, the Feng Shui expert is able to make the best recommendations on how to enhance Qi in the environment. Therefore, Feng Shui isn’t just some trend or superstition that will magically better your life.

It is important to know that Qi not only originates from the environment, it also comes from the individual. The individual plays a huge part in balancing and enhancing the Qi in one’s home and workspace.

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