Feeling Stuck In Life?

Un-block The Energy In These 4 Areas Of Your Home

In the chaos of trying to find the balance between life and work you usually end up getting stuck. And long before you realise it you’re caught in this loop of feeling drained no matter how much rest you get. You’ll simply brush it off as lack of sleep or mental exhaustion or even being overworked.

What you don’t see is that these are all the symptoms of a bigger problem, not the problem itself. So, what exactly is the problem here? The first thing you need to do when looking to understand your current situation is to identify the likely problem(s) that is hindering or preventing you from breaking the loop.

Do any of these relate to what you’re going through?

  • Feeling very drained even though you’ve gotten enough rest?
  • Feeling lost with no direction regardless of how much you try to figure it out?
  • You’re in the same exact place you were last year?
  • Your problems are the same and they seem to be repeating in similar fashion?
  • Whatever you do doesn’t seem to be working out?
  • You’re in this state of struggle and you can’t turn to anyone for help?

If any of these sound at all like anything you’re going through, the core problem is simple – your energy is being blocked. How does one un-block their energy? With Feng Shui. It’s not some hocus-pocus-magical-superstition that is about placing decorative items and miraculously having everything solved. Real Feng Shui is all about harnessing the energy you have within yourself and aligning it with the energy found in the environment to get to a state of balance.


It is the study of energy (Qi) in the environment. It’s about learning to recognize good and bad Qi and how to use it to support you in your goals and to ultimately help you increase your energy and progress in anything you want to venture into. Knowing how to harness, negate, distribute, and avoid Qi, can take you miles ahead in life.

Before you dive deeper into what you can do, you need to first know that there are 4 important areas of the home – the main door, kitchen, bedroom, and your study room. These are the areas in which you spend the most time in as such the energy in that area will have an effect on your personal energy, good or bad.

Here is what you should do to make sure the Qi in your home is either positive or has good flow and distribution throughout these 4 most important areas of your home:

1. Main Door

Qi enters your home through the main door, this is perhaps the most important area of your home in Feng Shui because this is where the Qi collects before redistributing into your home. Make sure this area or road leading up to the main door isn’t obstructed with lampposts, pillars, fire hydrant etc. because this blocks Qi from being able to flow into the house, in effect affecting the whole house’s Qi flow – affecting your energy in the process.


2. Kitchen

The most important thing when it comes to the kitchen is the placement of the stove. To avoid Fire Element and Water Element clashes, make sure your stove and sink are neither side-by-side or directly opposite each other. Also, make sure to avoid having the stove on an island in the kitchen. This causes the Qi to crash into the stove from all directions affecting the food prepared in return affecting your energy and wellbeing.

3. Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you recharge yourself. Many modern folks love unique shaped rooms. As beautiful as they may be, the shape of a room should always be evenly distributed like a square or a rectangle. Oddly shaped rooms don’t allow Qi to flow and distribute properly and in return can affect your sleep that will affect your energy. The same goes for slanted ceiling in the bedroom. It causes the Qi in the room to be imbalanced which affects sleep.

4. Study Room/Work Space

You generate your ideas, work on your projects, bring to life whatever you see in your head. As such it is important to that the energy in this area is positive and is kept flowing. The most important aspect of the room is the work desk, make sure it is not placed directly in front of or backing the door. This will cause the Qi entering the room to crash into the desk and you, affecting your productively and affecting your energy as a whole.

These simple things can un-block your energy and help you feel rejuvenated. Look at these things and work towards improving them, you’ll see that in no time the loop that you were stuck in will stop and you can finally take the steps you need to progress in your life.

But remember, Feng Shui is not some magic that takes effect with a snap of a finger. It is about aligning your energy with the energy that surrounds you. Feng Shui can help elevate it, enhance your life and living conditions positively. But you also need to take the necessary steps to improve yourself.

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