A home theatre can be as simple as having a stellar sound system and great furniture for top-notch comfort. Although you won’t be able to move a whole cinema into your house, what you can do is to create your own “cinema” and enhance the experience right in your living area.

According to a HOMEDEC poll, 4 out of 10 movie-goers prefer watching movies at home over going to the cinema. Even big screen lovers admit that there’s nothing quite as heavenly as kicking back on your sofa and watching all the best shows from the comfort of your living room.

Here’s a list of items you need for the ultimate home theatre experience.






Brighten up your living room and give your home a little spunk with the Crown Furniture Living Set Package. This industrial themed furniture living set will complement most spaces and create a nice accent for all your movie watching moments. Create your personal theatre at home by grabbing this HOMEDEC best deal at a competitive package which comes with a modular TV cabinet, 3 seater fabric sofa, coffee table and dining set.

Enjoy RM562 savings with HOMEDEC best deal at only RM8,980 (N.P: RM9,542). Package inclusive of a Modular TV Cabinet + 3 Seater Fabric Sofa + Coffee Table + Dining Set

Only available at HOMEDEC JB from 28 – 30 July at Hall 1, booth no. 1A211

CROWN 家具生活套装


享受RM562的折扣以HOMEDEC 促销价RM 8,980(原价:RM 9,542);包括模块化电视柜+ 3座沙发+咖啡桌+餐桌套装。

 728日至30日,仅在新山HOMEDEC 1展览厅, 展位号1A211



While having your movie session, why not prepared fresh juices that promises more nutrients and vitamins? The Hurom Slow Juicer HH Series not only makes fresh juices but is also capable of making smoothies too. Plus, it comes with newly improved cleaning brushes that make it easier to clean nooks and crannies, which means less time for cleaning, and more time watching. Doesn’t this sound like the best match?

Enjoy RM300 savings with HOMEDEC best deal at only RM2,495 (N.P: RM2,795)

Only available at HOMEDEC JB from 28 – 30 July at Hall 3, booth no. 3B111


小编觉得在家观看电影时,加上一杯营养的新鲜果汁是不是绝配? Hurom慢速原汁机HH系列不仅可以制作新鲜的果汁,还可以制作冰沙。此外,它配备了新改进的清洁刷更容易清洗配件,这意味着更少的清洁时间和更多的时间观看电影。这听起来是不是很棒呢?

享受RM300的折扣,以HOMEDEC 促销价RM2,495(原价:RM2,795

728日至30日,新山HOMEDEC 3展览厅,展位号3B111




Sufficient safety precautions are important while hosting a movie night with friends. This stellar Gt Benz Alarm Padlock GT205-2 features built-in movement triggered alarm, which can emit loud sound when the lock is hit or shaken. On top of that, the padlock is highly corrosion resistant, waterproof, and suitable for all weather conditions. With this, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the movie at home peacefully.

Free single padlock worth RM129 with purchase of GT Benz Alarm Padlock at RM219

Only available at HOMEDEC JB from 28 – 30 July at Hall 3, booth no. 3B101


当您与朋友相约在家享受电影之夜时,安全防范措施十分重要。这款恒星GT Benz Alarm Padlock GT205-2具有内置的动作触发报警功能,当锁头被击中或摇动时,会发出大声的警报。此外,锁头具有高度的耐腐性及防水性,适用于所有的天气条件。有了这个警报锁头,小编便可以放松心情,平静地在家享受电影。

凡购买价值RM219的GT BENZ 警报锁头,将免费获得价值RM129的单一锁头。

于 7月28日至30日,在新山HOMEDEC 3楼展览厅,展位号3B101




Next on your list, you will definitely want to be sure that all your guests stay hydrated during the movie night. The state of the art H2O Outdoor Sand Filter 1050 s/s uses 5 steps filtration process ensuring all your family and guests drink the cleanest water.

Enjoy RM300 savings with HOMEDEC best deal at only RM1,580 (N.P: RM1,880)

Only available at HOMEDEC JB from 28 – 30 July at Hall 3, booth no. 3P032


为了确保所有的客人在电影之夜保持水份的滋润。最先进的H2O户外砂过滤器1050 s / s使用5个步骤的过滤过程,确保您的家人和客人喝到最干净的水。

享受RM300的折扣,以HOMEDEC 促销价RM1,580(原价:RM1,880

728日至30日,新山HOMEDEC 3展览厅,展位号3P032





Now that you’ve got all of the essentials sorted, it’s time to add an extra element of comfort — the cosy sofa. Known for its innovation and top-of-the-line products, the Greenwich 3 Seaters Sofa by I Benz is the perfect comfy addition to your living room. Whether you’re having a movie night with your friends

Enjoy RM1,000 savings with HOMEDEC best deal at only RM2,990 (N.P: RM3,990).

Only available at HOMEDEC JB from 28 – 30 July at Hall 1, booth no. 1A227


最后也该为您的客厅添加舒适元素的时候了。以其创新和顶级产品而闻名的I Benz旗下的Greenwich 3座沙发是您客厅完美舒适的主角。无论您是和朋友一起玩电影之夜还是单独休息,这张沙发都会让您感觉像是靠在云霄上。*小编心动了


728日至30日,新山HOMEDEC 1展览厅,展位号1A227


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