Most of us hit the gym shower for two reasons: the convenience of having it in the same building and the need to maintain good hygiene. However, showering at the gym might just have the opposite hygienic result that you hope to achieve. A recent study found that the gym free weights area harbours 362 times more germs than the average toilet seat. You can only imagine the wealth of germs and bacteria that breed in the hot and humid locker rooms and showers at the gym.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a majority of voters of a recent HOMEDEC poll shows preference in showering at home — especially if they live within minutes. Upgrade your bathroom appliances to clubhouse standard as an incentive to bathing at home.



Roca Inspira Square Countertop Wash Basin

A classy and sleek wash basin will bring life to bathroom spaces of any style. Choose one that’s made of vitreous china so that it is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and discoloration. Roca’s Inspira Square Countertop Wash Basin comes with three design lines which can be perfectly combined: sound, soft and square.

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Johnson Suisse – Lago One-piece Water Closet

Include a well-functioning water closet to match your trendy countertop wash basin. Lago One-piece Water Closet that comes with either single or dual flush system, as well as durable internal fittings may suit your everyday needs. It is also made of vitreous china with ceramic finish, which makes cleaning quite a breeze.

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Rinnai Water Heater

Sleek and classy: Rinnai’s Crystal Series water heater, in matte colours, is designed to complement your bathroom tiles seamlessly. This masterpiece that includes a dazzling crystal knob is encased in a stunningly-designed sleek chassis and decked up in an unparalleled Matte Black finishing. Also available in equally stunning Opaque Bronze, Sand Silver and Tough Grey. The Crystal Series will shower your home with compliments. Refresh your body — and eyes.

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Niro I’PIETRA G1P07 Ceramic Floor Tiles

There are three important reasons to install granite tiles in your bathroom: they are durable, versatile and resistant to stains and moisture—the latter especially helps eliminate an environment where germs tend to thrive in. You can’t go wrong with the I’Pietra tile collection. Inspired by the textures of real stones, these tiles are available in six colour choices: Borgogna White, Java Crema, Beola Grey, Alpine Grey, Limestone Beige and Riviera Black.

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Sunlighten Signature EU1 Sauna

Saunas have been clinically found effective in lowering blood pressure, increasing core temperature and aiding in weight loss. It also helps you to relax and unwind after a long day at work. So instead of sweating it out at the gym sauna, get your healthy on with the recommended Sunlighten’s Signature Sauna for your home.

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Gard Inc AireGard Ventilator

Keep your bathroom air pristine, fresh and remove excess humidity with an indoor air ventilator such as AireGard. This high performance in-line extractor features an ultra-quiet turbine fan designed to improve air circulation and quality by offsetting indoor pollution from VOCs, cigarette smoke and household chemicals.

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ELBA Home Laundry Series

Having a washer and a dryer at home make laundry session after gym seems like less of a chore. You will no longer have to have your damp gym clothes parked in a corner like a playground for germs and bacteria waiting for the next laundry day.

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