Most of us love meeting up with friends at a bar to have a few drinks and laugh the night away. While hanging out at a bar is fun and easy, it doesn’t provide the coziness and sense of familiarity of home environment. On top of that, bars could get crowded, stuffy, and smoky as the night wears on.

According to a poll conducted by HOMEDEC, many of the participants would prefer to have a get-together at home. This doesn’t come across as surprising, as you can enjoy all the comforts of home while gathering with friends.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top gadgets and fittings you need to ensure your next house party goes off without a hitch.

大多数人喜欢在咖啡厅与友人相约,喝几杯饮料,谈天说笑。 在咖啡厅闲聊的确有趣,但不比在家舒适。 除外,随着夜晚的到来,咖啡厅可能会变得拥挤及闷热。

根据HOMEDEC的调查,很多人宁愿选择在家聚会。 这不出奇,因为您可以舒适的与朋友在家相聚。




A well-built dining table goes a long way in setting a great dining atmosphere that you and your friends can enjoy. The latest offering from Ethnicraft — the Teak Slice Extendable Dining Table may be exactly what your dining room needs. Its extendable design allows you to minimize the size of the table when needed by sliding the extension underneath the original table top, keeping it perfectly concealed.

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一个精心设计的餐桌可以让您和朋友们享受美好的聚餐时光。小编觉得Ethnicraft最新的产品 “柚木片可伸缩餐桌”可能正是您家里用餐的地方所需要的。 它可伸缩的设计允许您在需要时将部分桌子表面收到桌子下方,使其完美隐藏。

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Next on your list, you would definitely want to be sure that all your guests stay cool and breezy during your party. The state of the art Fanco Santiny LED is a DC motor ceiling fan that comes equipped with cool LED lights to boot. The ultra-sleek design will not only keep your guests comfortable, but it looks stylish and elegant as well.

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小编觉得身为主人家,我们必须要确保所有客人在聚会时感觉凉快。 最先进的FANCO Sanity LED风扇是一款直流电机吊扇,配备酷炫的LED灯。FANCO风扇不仅可以让您的客人感觉凉爽舒适,同时设计也很时尚及优雅。

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If you plan to invite your friends for an overnight slumber party, the Summer Solar Hot Water Heater by Solartech does a great job in giving your guest a comfortable shower. Taking a shower will be a more enjoyable experience with its perfect water temperature pair with pressure.

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Attic ladders usually take up enormous amount of space and this may hence provide less space for any homely gathering. However, with the Scissor Type Ladder LST 600 x 900 by Bronte Attic you will never have to worry about space constraint. This beautiful ladder is also easy to operate and access to your attic.

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阁楼梯子通常占用大量的位置,因此减少了家庭聚会的活动空间。然而,使用Bronte剪刀式阁楼梯子LST 600 x 900,您将永远不用担心空间限制。这个美丽的梯子也很容易操作及抵达阁楼。*这解决了小编的问题~

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Being the excellent host means great hospitality. Serve your friends with some delicious and healthy snacks made with the Nature Himmel Food Dehydrator. To name a few, dried pineapple, mango, cucumber are the perfect snacks to munch for any occasions.

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作为优秀的主人家意味着极高的款待客人方式。您能以Nature Himmel风干机制作的一些美味健康的小吃招待您的朋友。例如干黄梨,芒果,黄瓜就是完美的小吃,适合任何聚会。*小编的最爱~

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