HOME is a personal sanctuary to most of us. As life is moving at a fast pace, the need for “me time” to unwind and recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally have become a necessity. However, the result of a recent Facebook poll ran by HOMEDEC suggests that when it comes to dining, the majority of urban Malaysian prefer dining out than eating in.

There are many ways you can turn your humble abode into a safe haven and make dining at home a wonderful experience to look forward to, without having to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. In conjunction with HOMEDEC, here are a few kitchen additions that could help elevate the ambience of your home and make eating in an enjoyable experience.

家是大多数人的避风港。 随着生活快速的发展,必然需要有 “个人时间” 给自己的身体和身心放松。 然而,HOMEDEC最近的Facebook投票结果显示,在用餐方面大多数马来西亚城市人喜欢外用。




Rice is a staple food throughout Malaysia. Therefore, having a reliable rice cooker that cooks rice to perfection is an absolute must. The Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-1055 is the perfect device for the job. This traditional electric warmer rice cooker features a 10-cup capacity and 3D heating system that evenly transmit heat throughout the whole pot by preventing overheating of thermal fuse. Have the well-cooked rice give your dishes the extra “kick” and guess what, your family and friends will be asking for more rice!

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米饭是马来西亚的主食。 因此,有一个可靠的电饭煲做完美的饭是绝对需要的。CUCKOO电饭煲CR-1055是厨房完美的工具。这传统的电暖炉电饭煲具有10杯容量和3D加热系统,通过防止热熔丝过热,在整个锅内均匀传递热量。 煮熟的米饭给您的菜色额外的惊喜,您的家人与朋友会要求再添饭!*小编也要添饭了


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Nothing spells sophistication more than the latest hidden concept of invisible hood that perfectly complements your refined lifestyle. Senz’s Invisible Hood SZ-CH1288H-B features modern and stylish touch control design for easy operation that ensures you achieve nothing less than perfection. Worry less about cooking at home as this invisible hood is easy to clean and manage!

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SENZ 隐形油烟机

没有什么能比得上最新的SENZ隐形油烟机概念来得恰当了,它完美地填补了您的优质生活方式。 SENZ的隐形油烟机SZ-CH1288H-B具有现代时尚的触摸控制设计,方便操作及确保完美无缺。如今小编不必担心在家里煮饭的麻烦了,因为这个隐形油烟机很容易清理和使用哦!

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A microwave can do more than just reheating last night’s dinner. In fact, it’s one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. The Kollektion Microwave  23L LKMW-2301SS features inner stainless steel cavity for quick and easy cleaning. It also comes with two different microwave and grill functions, perfect to cook fish, poultry, baked potatoes and more. Imagine having your perfect home-cooked food ready with just a click of button!

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微波炉可以做的不仅仅是重新加热昨天的晚餐。它其实是厨房里最有用的工具之一。 Kollektion微波炉23L LKMW-2301SS具有内部不锈钢设计,便于清洁。 它还备有两种不同的微波炉和烧烤功能,能轻松的烹饪鱼、鸡、烤土豆等。 想象一下您只需点击一下按钮就可以准备完美的晚餐。

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An intelligent cooker that simplifies everyday cooking is a must for a perfect kitchen. The Sincero Intelligent Trio Cooker SS-8000 does not generate electromagnetic waves and thus will not cause interference to other electrical appliances. It is suitable for all types of flat-based cooking utensils that are heat resistant. It is extremely even and smooth with no rooms for dirt. Therefore, it is very easy to clean. Who said, home cook meal can be tough?

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小编觉得一个简化日常烹饪的智能炉具是完美厨房的必备品。 Sincero智能三重电炉SS-8000不产生电磁波,因此不会对其他电器造成干扰,适用于所有类型的耐热平面炉具。 它的炉面非常滑顺,使用后也不会藏有污垢,非常容易清理。 这样一来在家煮食还会很难吗?*小编今晚下厨去了


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Complement your home cooked meal with a glass of freshly squeezed juice! The SKG Digital Slow Juicer Model SJ600 comes with adjustable 3 speed from 40rpm, 45rpm and 50rpm, designed to meet all your “juicing needs”. On top of that it also comes with innovative auto-cleaning function and reverse function. Say no more to sugary drinks by just #domoreathome.

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SKG 慢速榨汁机

饭前先来一杯鲜榨蔬果汁会更有食欲哦! SKG慢速榨汁机型号SJ600具有40rpm,45rpm和50rpm的可调3种速度,能满足您所有的果汁秘方。 此外,它还具有创新的自动清洁功能和反向功能。 从今天起向含糖饮料说不吧!#domoreathome


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