If you’re one to enjoy a nice glass of wine every couple nights, you’ve got to have the bottles piling up! Instead of saving them for recycling, or simply tossing them out, keep them at home to use in DIY projects!

Make a pendant light

Save several wine bottles in varying shades of green and blue. When you have enough, cut off the bases, sand them down, and use as lampshades. For best effects, place them in a cluster and watch your space get instantly transformed.


Make platters

Save the bases of the bottles from your pendant light DIY project! Sand their surfaces down, and you’ll have gotten your hands on some bonafide artisanal sauce plates. You can even flatten your wine bottles down, whole, to make cheese plates! Your next make-your-own-taco party will be that much more Instagrammable!

Photo: Hunker

Turn them into colourful vases

Determine where your wine bottles start to curve inwards, and depending on how narrow or wide you want your vase lip to be, decide where to cut. Sand down the edges once cut and you’ll have a vase for your flowers and bouquets! To add extra shine, try adding patterns using glass paint, or glitter.

Photo: Everyday Dishes

Make a partition wall

If you’re remodelling your home anyway, it can pay off to consider building in a partition! Pack the bottles together, stacked horizontally up in between the layers of concrete and brick to make ‘windows’ of colour that you can peek through.



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