DIY Room Dividers And How To Use Them Well

Open configuration homes are great if you don’t want to commit to a particular look. What’s more, they’re easy to re-design and can make a small space look bigger! For this, you’ll need room dividers – and creative ones, too.


Wood pallet room divider

Wood pallets can be used for any number of creative things, from planters to bed bases. As room dividers, they retain all the charm! Paint them in the colour of your choice, or leave them bare for a rustic touch. You can even hang things from the slats!


DIY fruit crate divider

Build your own set of shelves with wooden fruit crates! Not only will you have plenty of storage space between your spaces, it’ll also look good with a rustic ease!


DIY macrame divider

For the homeowner who’s keen on nautical or rustic interiors, rope makes an amazing room divider. Hang them from the ceiling by knotting them to a piece of wood, and use them to segment off areas such as the space between the dining room and the living room.


Branching out

Alternatively, find a long planter and use it as the base for holding a wall of branches upright. Fill it to the brim with marble, wood chip, concrete, or clay to help keep the branches up. When completed, you can even string fairy lights over the branches!


DIY fabric screen

Fabric screens are reminiscent of Japanese aesthetics, so if that’s the way you want to go, pick a good, sturdy fabric, sew up the sides properly, and hang them from a rod between the spaces you want to cordon off.



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