DIY Decor Solutions To Make Life A Breeze

Looking for activities to enjoy at home on long weekends and weeknights? Look through Pintrest for some fun DIY décor solutions! Not only will you save yourself some money, you’ll also be improving your hand eye coordination, and come up with plenty of pretty handcrafts to boot!

Choose plants over cut flowers

While cut flowers are an absolute pleasure to have around the house, a live plant is so much better if you have the time and patience to cultivate them. Green fingers aren’t really necessary – just look up how to take care of certain plants, such as how much water and sunlight they need, and you’ll have green around the house year-round.

Weave your own macrame hangers

Running out of space for which to place your plants? Weave macrame hangers from high-grade fibre and use them to hang draping plants from tall places or cabinets! There are plenty of tutorials online, so pick out the easiest if you’re unsure of how to begin.

DIY a pegboard shelf

Never run out of shelve space again! Pegboards are the perfect storage solution; from individual hooks inserted into the pegboard for kitchen utensils, pots, and pans, to multiple shelving units set up and re-arranged every time more needs to be incorporated, pegboards are a great DIY project to get into.

Repurpose an old ladder

Got an old ladder that’s gathering dust in the garage? Don’t leave it to rit! Depending on your home aesthetic, you can sand it down, and then either paint it over in the colour of your choice or give it a luscious sheen with a wood stain. Set it against a wall, making sure it’s got ample support, then use the individual rungs to store various décor items like books, candles, and plants.

Save time opening doors

Never again waste time rummaging with your keys in front of your front door. Paint over each key with a different nail polish colour to keep track of what belongs where, and watch as the minutes you save each day pile up!




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