HD24 PG1 Showhome


Step into a world of luxury with HOMEDEC Showhome!

Our collaboration with interior designers creates aesthetically pleasing spaces, tailored to cater to every lifestyle and budget.

Gain inspiration, consult with experts, and build your dream home with bespoke designs and a premium touch. Each curated space tells a unique

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See Your Dream Home Come to Life at HOMEDEC Penang!

Need ideas for your new living room? Come see the HOMEDEC Showhome.

Led by the visionary Pro Yee from JOHNIDs, we redefine comfort and style through a seamless fusion of Nordic modern classic and Light luxury design, crafting an ambiance that radiates warmth and invitation. Every detail, from carefully selected colours to furniture shapes, is a deliberate choice aimed at evoking the feeling of home.

The harmonious integration of living and kitchen spaces is achieved through a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. This thoughtful design guarantees that, regardless of your gathering’s size, custom solutions will elevate every moment at home into a celebration of space and togetherness.

Witness the transformation of your dream home at HOMEDEC Penang. Your ideal living space is now within reach.


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