Designer Additions For Designer Homes

The bare necessities are important, but with the addition of a few simple things, you’ll be able to make your home the ultimate destination designer home – a space befitting high Air B&B ratings!


Add a mini bar

Every urban home needs a mini bar, and so too does your own space. It doesn’t need to be a whole cabinet; if you’re short on space, make good use of a bar trolley, and fill it with your favourite mixers, liquors, garnishes, and pretty glasses and tumblers to boot.

Fill the home with scents

Whether in the form of scented candles, oil burners, fragrance diffusers, or even old-fashioned potpourri, it’s important to keep the home smelling fresh and fragrant. Keep around two or three different scents and switch them out to keep things new and exciting.

Choose the right flooring

The quality of your flooring can greatly improve the look and feel of your home! Pick unpolished wood if you want a low maintenance rustic aesthetic. Marble-look tiles are great if you have pets or children, while old school Nyonya tiles are beautiful for Colonial-style homes.

Decorate around a theme

It’s always easier to work around a theme if you know exactly what it is, and what’s supposed to go in it. Think plenty of white and sunlight for New York loft, geometric patterns for mid-modern century, leather for contemporary, wood and pastels for rustic chic, metallics and tufted furniture for modern sophistication, and bare bulbs and steel for industrial.

Add a modern feature wall

Consider an empty wall in your home and think of what would work with your current décor. If you’re rocking a jungle fever aesthetic, consider a living, breathing green wall or special wallpaper. If you’re after a futuristic look, add funky neon lights and modern art.


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