DIY Kitchen Improvement Tips

As Malaysians, we’re all keen lovers of food. That’s why it’s important for the kitchen to be in top condition, from function, to fashion, to storage solutions.

Utilise the back of cabinet doors

Don’t neglect the back of your cabinet doors. Make sure the space does not go to waste by drilling in an organiser, and use it to store narrow objects like foil wrap, baking parchment paper, or even cleaning products.

Add turntables in corners of cabinets

The space in the corner of your cabinet should not go to waste! Make your pots and pans accessible by placing turntables in corner surfaces. This way, you’ll be able to store your pots and pans and maximise use of the space.

Hang pots and pans nearby

If you cook often and enthusiastically, it’s necessary to make sure your most frequently used pots and pans are within quick and easy reach. For that sole purpose, it can be helpful to hang them from the walls or ceilings over the stove.

Install a towel rod for storing pot lids

When you stack your pots and pans, it becomes difficult and messy to store the lids in a similar fashion. Place a towel rod behind your cabinet door and use it to hold the lids! Not only will they be neatly arranged, they’ll also be easy to find when you need them most!



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