Create Your Own Home Library

Lack of space to storage books is a headache problem for a book lover.  But look up to your loft! Create a black and cool book shelves on your loft where you can accommodate all your lovely books there.  Install some spot light to create the reading atmosphere and to make sure you have a bright visual to read.

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Don’t have space for book rack? The idea of rack on the wall can solve the problem!  Create an irregular book rack on the wall to allocate your books, let the smell of the books surround everywhere of your home.

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Do you think that entrance is a good place to build a book shelves?  Utilize your entrance area to build a high book shelves wall, let your guests feel the art of books when they step in to your home.

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People love to read in a calm and cozy place.  Design a reading corner with full length window where you can see the beautiful view and set up a cozy sitting area with pillows between book shelves. Now take a book sit back and enjoy your reading.

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