Ceilings That Will Make You Want To Look Up

Create a Muji style ceiling by using light wooden colour and you can install wooden strips on the ceiling to pasted on the Japanese feel in your home.  A little hint could be paint your wall in white or light pastel colours to bright up your ceiling.

Image via deringhall.com

Give your living room a contrast feel, when you have dark colour wall and furnitures, make up your ceiling with white background and gold geometric, then you have a fancy chic living room.

Image via trendesignbook.com

If you are a simple lover, you should try out  the industrial style ceiling in your home.  You can do it as simple as you can, just create your ceiling with lime ash without any painting.  Decorate it with industrial style chandelier lamp and fan.

Image via pablodelgadomc.com

Do you wish to have a blue sky view when you are in home?  Leave the traditional ceiling, create a skylight ceiling in your home.  It plays a good lighting effect and you can have different sky view everyday.

Image via eboss.co



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