Bedsheet Patterns For All Aesthetics

Much like how drapes can form the backbone of your living space’s aesthetic, so do your bedsheets control the final look and feel of your room. Pick your patterns according to your aesthetic!

Loft style

Loft style homes feature a look that is all at once modern, considered, and yet not overdone. To this effect, one would do well to choose a pattern of narrow stripes for the bedroom in toned down, neutral shades from grey-blues and greens to browns and dusky soft pink. You can also opt to go full natural with texture, rather than print.


Shabby chic

The rustic chic effect is often enhanced by the use of soft pastel colours, and throughout the years, pink, yellow, and green have stood out as favourites. Pick fabrics in floral patterns and use them alongside other shabby chic style materials like wood and wrought iron.


Tie dye heaven

The tropical, tie-dye aesthetic is marked by the generous use of colour and repeating patterns– the perfect style for those looking to live in a lush and colourful space. Also perfect with these styles: palm trees in colourful pots.

Edgy chic

For an aesthetic both edgy and in-trend, opt for the newly-popularised herringbone pattern, which makes for an interesting and eye-catching sight indeed. Consider the size of the pattern; bigger patterns will make the room look more edgy, while smaller ones will add an artful hint of style.



Go retro with plenty of colours! The crux of the 70s and 80s have always been in the generous use of patterns and bright colours, so don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your bedding and pillowcases.



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