Bed Trays And Bedrooms

There’s something about breakfast in bed that evokes a sense of luxury – a lifestyle to aspire to that’s beautiful and immensely Instagram-worthy.


Bed tray with stand

For a tray that serves multiple functions, pick one that stands on its own legs. Popular among those of these designs: trays with foldable legs that can be put away as necessary, that can be used as either a side table, or as a tray for those mornings you just want to have breakfast in bed!


Wooden acacia board bed tray

Acacia boards have the benefit of being immensely photogenic and long-lasting. Dark-stained and smooth, they give off a high-end rustic chic aesthetic that’s perfect for any contemporary home.

Luxurious metallic bed tray

Metallics have long been used as décor solutions for adding a touch of luxury. In recent years, brass, gold, and rose gold have all become popular options, and make the perfect bed tray for propping up your pretty marble-print cutlery.


Marble bed tray

The height of sophistication in today’s modern aesthetics, marble is an oft-utilised material that has been seen covering any and all surfaces. This material pairs perfectly with rose gold, and is great for contemporary aesthetics.


Woven bed tray

If your bedroom is a haven for rest and relaxation before anything else, a zen aesthetic is arguably more suitable. Consider wooden and woven accessories to give the space a cosy, comfortable vibe.



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