Beautiful Gardens Beautiful Lights

For decades now, lighting has slowly but steadily evolved from being merely functional to ambient. Whether inside the home or outside, lighting plays an important role, and one that ultimately reflects your décor style. This rings equally true in the gardens, where lighting can so often veer towards being all function and no design – and that’s no good if you want to create a secret haven for yourself!

Light up alcoves

If you can, build alcoves into the walls of your home and install warm lights inside! Not only will this light up your garden at measured intervals, it’ll also give your exteriors a modern feel. Alternatively, choose minimalistic lighting fixtures and arrange them in such a way to create a ‘pattern’ upon your wall!


Uplight your plants

What’s the point of cultivating a gorgeous garden if you’re not going to show it off one hundred percent of the time? Just because it’s night doesn’t mean you can’t light up your beautifully-pruned trees; simply set up some spotlights from below to create drama and shadows! You can even wind fairy lights around the trunks of your trees, or hang them from branches for that much-beloved Secret Garden effect.


Road to heaven

There are plenty of ways to jazz up your stairs, and lights are one of them! Whether you choose to uplight the sides of your stairs or build in panels directly beneath each step, the options are endless.


Lights emulating nature

From giant birds to sculptures emulating the moon, there’s something immensely beautiful and ethereal about lighting fixtures that serve to emulate nature! Bring the moon down to earth by choosing rounded spherical orbs, and watch as your garden is instantly lit up.





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