Aesthetic Class: Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, and Pisces


Dress your home in line with your stars and sign! These are some tips for you.

Cancer: Save cards and ticket stubs

Cancer is a sentimental sign, prone to saving memoirs from events like greeting cards, little notes from gifts, and tickets. Incorporate them into your home décor by pinning them up on corkboards and brighten the whole thing up with fairy lights.

Cancer: Bring in a water feature

As a water sign, Cancer’s emotional wellbeing is significantly improved by the presence of water. Bring in a water feature to soothe the mind and spirit! Not only is it feng-shui appropriate, a water feature can also add extra interest to your home!

Cancer: Comfort first!

Those born under the Cancer sign rely heavily upon their emotions, and are also immensely nurturing people. To that end, you’ll want to keep around a collection of warm and comfortable pillows, throws, and rugs so you’ll always have someplace to snuggle after a long, busy day.


Dress your home in line with your stars and sign! These are some tips for you.

Capricorn: Decorate with lucky colours

Capricorn is born under the lucky colours of brown, grey, steel, and black! This means you’ll be able to thrive in the much-beloved Industrial aesthetic of today, with lots of wood, brick, stone, concrete, and steel. If that’s not your style, incorporate a combination of these colours in soft furnishings like cushion covers.

Capricorn: Get a massage chair

Because those born under the Capricorn sign are known to be workaholics, it’s important to make sure there’s plenty of methods for unwinding at home, available at the drop of a hat. A massage chair can work wonders on those knots in your back, so check those out!

Capricorn: Buy practical items

Because Capricorns work so hard, it makes sense that everything they buy needs to be of a certain quality to be worth the money. To this end, opt for quality over a lower price point to ensure you don’t end up disappointed with your purchases.


Dress your home in line with your stars and sign! Cancers, Capricorns, and Leos: these are some tips for you.

Leo: Stick with warm hues and lights

Those born under the sigh of Leo are warm and caring, with the ability to charm and draw others into their sphere. To this end, you’ll want to decorate around a warm personality, so keep the temperature high with warm lights and hues.

Leo: A dedicated workspace

Leos are ambitious workers, so it’s a good idea to set up a workspace at home. Pick a good table, a comfortable and ergonomic chair, plenty of convenient storage space, and good lighting to facilitate a conducive working environment.

Leo: Get a good mattress for a good night’s sleep

Ample rest is required for Leo to function at the quick and high-paced levels they’re used to! Because Leos are such energetic people, it’s important to invest in a good and ergonomic mattress to ensure undisturbed sleep throughout the night!


Dress your home in line with your stars and sign! These are some tips for you.

Aquarius: Make sure you have good air quality

As an air element, Aquarius is deeply in tune with everything regarding air quality at home. If you don’t live in a high rise apartment, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of fans to keep you cool throughout warmer months.

Aquarius: Have a recharge me-space

Pander to your hobbies by maintaining a little hobby corner in which to recharge and refuel over the weekends and at night! Fill it with your favourite things, from books to art supplies to handicraft products if that’s what you like.

Aquarius: Make a small library

Aquarius loves to read, so fill your home with plenty of books! Don’t let the volumes clutter up the space, though – set up a wall of bookshelves, or choose a space that might otherwise go to waste, like the cupboard under the stairs.


Dress your home in line with your stars and sign! These are some tips for you.

Virgo: Storage, storage, storage

Those born under the sign of Virgo are hyper organised, and as such, storage means the world and more to them! Make sure you have plenty of drawers and cupboards for storing your various belongings, and incorporate organisers to keep it neat and tidy!

Virgo: Pet-proof the home

Virgoans enjoy the company of animals, and as such are prone to keeping pets like dogs and cats. To this end, you’ll want to pet proof the home to ensure your pets don’t go around breaking your precious belongings.

Virgo: Appliances galore

Because Virgo likes healthy food, it makes sense that the kitchen is decked out in the latest and best appliances for living the best life! Check out appliances like personal blenders, bread makers, and air fryers to make cooking healthy an absolute breeze.


Dress your home in line with your stars and sign! These are some tips for you.

Pisces: Shades of purple

Purple is Pisces’ lucky colour, so incorporate it around your home. If you don’t like the colour enough to use it everywhere, worry not – you can still incorporate bits and pieces into your décor by pairing mauve, lilac, and violet with other colours.

Pisces: Throws and pillows

Pisces absolutely loves a good snuggle and sleeping in, so pillows and throws are necessary in the living room for those afternoon naps!

Pisces: Get a good sound system

Music and lyrics are friends to Pisces, who is immensely musical and passionate for melodies. Find a good sound surround system to fuel this love of music for days and nights you need a good concert.



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