Turning dream homes
into reality

Receiving the keys to your new house is just a step to your dream home.

It is a truly momentous occasion to be celebrated. Afterall, you have worked hard to save up for the down payment to make this an important life milestone!

At HOMEDEC, we understand the challenges that every home owners will face from here. Hence, it is in our mission to be on this journey with you at every stage.

From sourcing great ideas to connecting you with established brands offering high quality renovation, design, fixtures, furnishings, products and all the little things that count, you can now live your dream and turn your safe haven into reality – all under one roof.

How we started

Our story began when our founder was building his own home. Like many homeowners, he had his own ideas and needs. It was also challenging pleasing every family member at home.

He struggled with understanding and knowing how home renovations worked and had to rely on many friends, family and even his contractor for recommendations.

One challenge stood out for him – he went around town visiting and looking for reputable suppliers and materials, and never finding everything he needed in one place.

This sparked an idea in him! Since then, HOMEDEC was borne to house high quality materials, products and reputable suppliers with a wide selection of carefully curated brands for every home – all under one roof!

Today, HOMEDEC is synonymous with ideas and inspiration as we work with professionals to share invaluable tips, advice and suggestions to every home owner in every stage of their journey.

Our noteworthy awards and recognitions

Best Consumer Exhibition 2011

Consumer Exhibition Excellence Award 2019

Best Consumer Exhibition 2013, 2015 & 2017

Industry Recognition Award 2013

Outstanding Consumer Exhibition 2015