A Room for New Life

Welcoming your little love one with a cool and neutral grey theme room.  Set up the room with grey wallpaper with bright yellow sun and grey stripe curtain.  Install a grey crib cot and baby changing galore to welcome your cool baby to the beautiful world.

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We all know that baby is growing day by day which is a fast process.  Don’t missed out their growing process, create a height chart wall in baby room and record down how fast they grow, it will be a memorable flashback.

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A carpet is important to place in baby room for safety purpose and baby activity space.  Put on a colourful and soft carpet in the room, so your little love one can crawl and play on the floor safely.

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Thinking how to decorate your baby changing galore? Here is a good idea for you!  Get a cabinet with various drawers where you can put baby’s clothes and other accessories. Put a pillow on the cabinet for baby clothes changing.  You can decorate surrounding area with cute canvas or dolls to catch your baby eyes’ attraction.

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To create a romantic yet peaceful sleep place for your little love one, install a bed canopy on the crib cot, it can helps to avoid insect fly into baby cot.  Moreover, bed canopy also bring the hazy effect where can let baby has the sleepy mood.

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