5 Steps To Clean Duvets

It’s recommended that we change and wash our bedsheets at least once a month, but did you know that your duvet needs care as well? Here are five steps to a cleaner duvet with very little hassle!

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Check the cleaning label

This step is very important, as it tells you how you’re going to clean your duvet. Some are washer-safe, and that means you’ll be able to throw them into the washing machine without trouble; however, other feather quilts might need to be dry cleaned, so make sure you know which it is so you don’t end up ruining your quilt!

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Use the right machine

It’s important to choose a machine that can accommodate your duvet and its size. A machine that can fit up to 10 kgs is ideal. Fold up the duvet to get it to fit into the drum.

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Detergent and settings

Put the duvet into the washing machine and set it to a delicate cycle. Make sure you use just enough detergent, as too much will prevent a thorough washing. Also check the cleaning label for recommended washing temperature.

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Drying the duvet

If your duvet can be put in the dryer, do so on low heat with a couple of tennis balls, which will help it to dry faster. A dry towel also does the trick! Otherwise, sun-dry them to kill bacteria!

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