5 Important Factors In Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui? Classical Feng Shui is an ancient, respectable science that studies how Qi (cosmic energies) can be harnessed to benefit our internal and external environments.

It also functions on the basis that with beneficial Qi, you can utilise your living or working environment to feel better and live better, and that directly helps you to achieve your goals in life.

Firstly, you need to identify good Qi in the environment. Secondly, you need to know where in your property (location of the main door, balcony, kitchen, bedroom and study room) is to receive this Qi.

1.Main Door

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This is perhaps the most important factor in Feng Shui due to the fact that this is where the Qi (energy) enters the property/home. It is also known as the Qi Mouth. When identifying and analysing the main door, it is a must to look at the forms from both the inside and outside of the door. This is because this will show you if the main door is either favourable or not.

Did you know: There should be an open and spacious area just outside your door to accumulate Qi.


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This is considered the secondary Qi Mouth when it comes to apartments and condominiums. Just like the Main Door, the Balcony allows you to know if the property’s/house’s location is facing a favourable direction or landform.

Did you know: There shouldn’t be any spiky plants in the balcony as it prevents good Qi from flowing into your home.


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This area is important because this is where food preparation takes place and good food is vital to our wellbeing. So, if the Qi in this area is negative it could affect the health of the occupants.

Did you know: When analysing the kitchen, the most important feature to look at is the location of the sink and stove. These two should be placed 3 feet apart (if they’re opposite or side-by-side).


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Sleeping and resting are vital activities, which affect our health and liveness and as such, this is the place we spend most of our time.

Did you know: The bed (head or feet) should not face any door – whether the room door or the toilet door because the Qi that enters the room will crash into the bed and disrupt your sleep.

5.Study room

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This space is where your ideas are generated and where you get your work done, work that determines your career growth, or the growth of your business. As such, it is important for this room to be located in the right area to maximise its benefits.

Did you know: Placing the study desk under a beam can be detrimental to your creativity and progress, because the Qi that flows into the room is suppressed and pushed down straight onto you.

The philosophy of Classical Feng Shui is simple: find the beneficial Qi, harness it and circulate it in your property. Once you’ve identified these main locations and how they receive Qi, you’ll be able to utilise it to your benefit.


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