5 Great Kitchen Helpers Below RM100

If your kitchen is a mess, it’s time to sort it out! Head on over to HOMEDEC to shop your woes away. These good #HOMEDECisions could save you a lot of grief in the long run!

To organise: Osuki multifunctional kitchen storage cutlery organiser

Nobody likes to have their cutlery left here and there in a mess! Do as Marie Kondo would and organise it all; not only will they be easier to find, you also won’t be subjected to visual clutter while cooking. Available for RM95.50.

To cook: La Gourmet truly oriental claypot with maifan stone

Every home needs a clay pot for those days you need the right amount of heat for your cooking! This one from La Gourmet is perfect for slow-simmered Asian-style stews. Available for RM79.00.

To cook on the go: La Gourmet safari thermal cooker pot

The Japanese have a way of cooking soup in their clever lunch boxes, and you can emulate that by way of La Gourmet’s safari thermal cooker. Simply put your boiling soup base in the pot, add vegetables and other flavouring ingredients like red dates, cover, and get going! By the time lunch rolls around, you’ll have some amazingly flavourful soup ready for you. Available for RM84.60.

To infuse: Z PLUS gusto flavour infusing spoon with herb and spice stripper

Want to cook a stew or soup without the hassle of having to fish out herbs and spices after? This clever contraption will easily remove that obstacle! Available for RM4.50.


To prep: Osuki hand push speedy chopper

Let’s face it. Chopping is the worst, and this clever contraption will make sure your ingredients are quick-chopped. Available for RM23.50.


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