4 Ways To An Insta-Friendly Home

If you’ve ever seen the Instagram posts of your favourite celebrities and home makeover experts, it’s likely you’ve also been hit by a wave of envy. With a little bit of creativity, you too can have the perfect Insta-friendly home!


Make your own balcony garden

From large potted palm trees to colourful flowers in boxes, a balcony garden ensures you have a beautiful connection with the earth. Plant some herbs and you can even use them in your cooking! The greenery will make your garden instantly Instagram-ready, and also serve as a space for clearing your head when you need to relieve stress!

Create a feature wall

Don’t leave your walls empty – laminates, wallpaper, subway tiles, a herringbone arrangement or a full-on green wall are all great ways to create interest in your home. If you’ve got a collection of postcards from various travels, put them on display with chic black tape! Pick a wall in full sight as a canvas for showcasing your creativity, as it will become the centre of attraction once everything is installed.

Make sure you have a well-lit home

Lighting fixtures can make or break a home. Consider installing pendant lamps over your dining table, or pick table lamps or floor lamps with a strong design edge to up the ante on your home decor! Don’t forget the decorative candles and lamps, both of which will impart a romantic ambience to your photos.

Accessorise smart

A lot goes into making an eye-catching photograph, and accessories play a huge role in creating drama and heightening the design look. Find an assortment of tealight holders, vases, bowls, and coffee-table books to add personality to your space. You can even accessorise with action figures.


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