4 Useful Ways Lemons Can Brighten Up Your Home

More than just a beautifully yellow and deliciously fragrant dessert flavour, lemons are also useful for virtually every cleaning purpose at home!


Clean up soap scum in the bathroom

Don’t waste that lemon half, even if it’s just been squeezed! Use the remains of the wedge to rub over surfaces in the bathroom to clean up soap scum. The acid will break down both the bacteria and the dirt, and keep the bathroom smelling fresh after a good rinse.

Remove rust with ease

If you’ve got rust stains on ceramic decorations, you’ll be pleased to know that a solution of lemon and borax will remove it with ease and in no time! Make a thick paste, spread it over the ceramic, allow to dry, then wash off gently.

Whiten your shirts the natural way

Add some lemon juice to your laundry load along with extra detergent to get rid of stains! You can also apply a salt and lemon juice mixture onto the stain beforehand to loosen up the stain before finishing the wash.

Keep your fruit from going brown

Nothing ruins your cooking more than oxidised ingredients! Keep your cut fruit fresh by misting them in lemon juice. This works great to keep your apples, pears, and avocado from oxidising, and is also great for vegetables like aubergine!



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