It can be all too easy to fall into the trap of overdoing your home! Be smart about it, however – more often than not, it’s homes in evergreen styles that make the best long-term investments. Here are a few ways to make sure your property stays in demand!

Pick neutral stone floors

While a hint of Peranakan tiling is charming when done right, the best options for flooring are tiles, stone, or wood in neutral hues. Even the experts agree; according to Malaysia’s top flooring brands, customers continue to prefer flooring options that are easy on the eyes and not too busy.

Work it into the details

Vaulted ceilings, wall panellings, enclaves, alcoves, wainscotting, and the like are great ways to add design value to your home, without overdoing it. Be sure to keep the details quietly stylish and accent with home furnishings.

Let in the sun

Not only is natural light remarkably good for health and living, but it is also a good precursor to a good flow of chi in the house! Full-height windows help with this, so opt for them in your next remodel.

Celebrate unique curves

Instead of trying your level best to hide the odd corner, or even demolish the odd post which could severely damage the structural integrity of your home, celebrate it! Build a quirky bookshelf into the corners and dress up the strangely-placed columns as design features.

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