3 Very Important Things To Know Before Moving Into A New House


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Feng Shui is often mistaken for certain cultural practices and spiritual rituals. It can be a little bit of a challenge to distinguish between superstition or religion and Feng Shui because it does underline some of the many Chinese customs.

But Feng Shui is not a religion nor a superstition, it’s an ancient art that has centuries worth of accumulated knowledge from sages. It can be used for every aspect of life from career, to health to relationships all the way to moving into a new place.

As you may know, there is energy in everything in this world, and when it concerns moving houses the primary focus of Feng Shui is aligning timing, environment and human activity – in other words, Heaven, Earth and Man.

Here are 3 of the ways to go about it :

  1. Select A Good Date

Choosing the right day and hour to move into your new home helps ensure a smooth sailing process and also improves your living experience in that house.

The main thing that you need to ensure is that the day and hour of the move doesn’t clash with your year of birth and house-sitting direction. To be clear, your home’s sitting direction is the exact opposite of your house’s façade.

For example, someone born during a Rat year or moving into a home with a North sitting-direction (North is a Rat direction) should avoid Horse days and hours because Horse clashes with Rat.

Clashes are unnecessary challenges or conflicts. So, choosing these times to move could lead to you constantly wrestling with domestic issues, such as increased family arguments or recurring house leakages.

Start by crossing out bad dates when selecting an ideal moving-in date. It may be a little tough if you aren’t familiar with Date Selection, in times like this is probably best to enlist the help of a professional Feng Shui consultant.


  1. Ensure Proper Qi Circulation

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Every house has its imperfections, unless you are able to build it from stretch. And so, house owners are at times forced to do a little renovation to improve the interior environment before moving in.

In Feng Shui, Qi is negatively affected and disrupted by cramped spaces. Also, there’ll be an adverse effect on the occupant’s emotional state and health if areas are poorly lit due to the excessive Yin Qi.

Look to see if your new home may need a few facelifts – a wall broken down or a window installed to either improve the spaciousness of an area or to let the natural lighting in. There may be times that it is impossible to get natural lighting in that area, for such cases you can choose to use manmade light sources as an alternative.


  1. Activate The Qi Of Your New Home

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Whether intentional or not, you will naturally activate the Qi of your entire home. Qi is activated when the home’s main door, kitchen and bedroom are used for the very first time. Meaning to say, after you’ve first entered your house, cooked your first meal and slept in your new bed you’ve activate your home’s Qi.

These are vital activities because they take place in the three most important locations of any house – main door, kitchen and bedroom. The primary point in which Qi enters from is the main door. The kitchen is where food is produced, and proper nourishments are crucial to your well-being. Finally, the bedroom is where you rest and revitalise.


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