2019 Kitchen Trends

The quintessential kitchen has long since become more than its intended purpose. Far from merely being where the family cooks, the kitchens of today are beautifully rendered for living, eating, celebrating, and hanging out. Here are some of this year’s popular trends to inspire kitchens of today!

Go to the dark side

Like the bathroom, the kitchen has seen a renaissance for dark and beautiful aesthetics. As a colour, black adds plenty of Chanel-inspired drama without being overbearing, especially when used in cabinetry, fittings, and fixtures.

Photo: Decoraid.com

Use high quality materials

Homeowners of today are increasingly aware of the materials that go into crafting their homes. In this season are materials of a high quality, so this means countertop surfaces that are made of natural stone, high-quality wood, and quartz finishes.

Add interest in your handles

Steer clear from commonplace pull-out drawers! Add interest in your kitchen by incorporating uncommon and curious handles; from leather pulls to ornate and detailed handle designs, it’s all in the little details!

Photo: Becky Shea Design

Play with different finishes

Say goodbye to plain silver! Big brand names in kitchen fittings are now offering their mixers in a variety of different finishing, from matte to gloss in many different colours! Pair them with your overall colour scheme and lighting to get the look you really want.

Photo: Decoraid.com

Incorporate pendant lamps

Nothing says style more than a cluster of well-placed pendant lamps over the kitchen island. Definitely something to watch out for this season, this particular trend helps to set the mood, allowing you to entertain guests in your kitchen as well as cook in it!



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