2019 Colour Trends Unveiled!

A brand new year brings with it a brand new wave of colour trends and styles! Here are some of the latest picks from big names in the colour industry – Dulux, Jotun, and Pantone!


Dulux: Spiced Honey

A warm and raw amber tone that ushers in feelings of calm, cosiness, or vibrance depending on how you pair it up! Says the experts at Dulux: This colour was chosen to reflect a new rise of optimism and a desire to let in the light.

One of Jotun’s three colour inspiration palettes for 2019, the Calm palette features the generous use of neutrals in warm shades: Modern Beige, Transparent Pink, and Soothing Beige. These are perfect for soothing and personal spaces for recharging at the end of the day.

Photo via myscandinavianhome.com

Jotun: Refined palette

The Refined palette is perfect for the modern artistic homeowner with a penchant for choosing furnishings that veer closer to luxury. Perfect for pairing with metallics like chrome and rose gold, as well as with darker wood tones, the palette features deep natural greens like Antique Green and Northern Mystic.

Jotun: Raw palette

Jotun’s Raw palette brings us back to the earth with deep and rich colours reminiscent of sand and soil. The hues occur organically in nature, and are available as Dusky Peach and Amber Red among others.




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