Tips In Enhancing Your Dining Room

It has always been limited to gather in the fine dining restaurants during occasions without realising that we can also gather in the home’s dining hall. Did you know that a dining room actually gives more pleasure than just taking a meal in there. It is a place where people spend long times to bond with the family and friends while dining together; probably better than any other places.

It would be one good area with wonderful atmosphere and design sense to dine and gather in as we can create the 5-star restaurant’s ambience at home with a little more effort in enhancing the dining design, atmosphere, table settings, utensils and the list goes on…

For many, the dining area consists of a dining table only. However, a proper dining area should have a servery next to the dining table. This often-forgotten item goes a long way in holding many necessary dining items. Ideally, a servery should have trays, half a dozen glasses, basic cutlery, coffee, tea and wine. Homeowners who invest in a servery will find their dining experience more pleasurable and hosting easier.

Here are reasons why:

• It holds your cutlery, meals, water and add-ons.
• Most people love having a bouquet of flowers, sculpture or a decorative bowl on their dining table. When dinner time comes, transfer all these things easily onto the servery.
• Replenish food and water easily.
• You will be able to eat better when there is adequate place to hold main dishes instead of constantly adjusting dishes. During dinner hosting, later-course dishes can be kept on the servery top.
• Enjoy meals peacefully when you need not walk to and fro the kitchen for items like tissue paper and extra water.
• As a setting of a table takes up a lot of space, a servery is handy by holding many dining table items that will come in throughout the meal.

Lighting Matters

• “Believe it or not, good lighting makes your food tastier…”
• Create ambience through lighting. A raucous party will enjoy brighter cheerful lights while a smaller dinner crowd may appreciate dimmer lights.
• Food that lacks colour or presentation lessens eating enthusiasm. Indirect lighting can hide these flaws. Your visual senses send a signal to your brain that well-presented food must taste good, and thus, food tastes better.
• Also, do not forget to always use dimmer dining room lights. Focus your dining table surface with ceiling down lights as it will reduce the glare from diner’s eyes.